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Piedmont Left Review is an online and in-print magazine dedicated to bringing socialist and leftist perspectives to the politics, culture, and art of the Triad, NC, and beyond. All contributors, editors, and designers donated their labor to make this project possible. If you are interested in submitting a piece, helping with design, or have an idea please send us an email at piedmontleftreview@gmail.com or use our contact form!

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Our statement of purpose:

Local media is dying in Greensboro. Our corporate-owned media—aligned ever-more closely to real estate, the police department, and Lincoln Financial—is failing to connect and cover the issues that matter to the vast majority of people who live and work in the Triad. In this ever-shrinking privatized news environment, stories are measured not by their positive impact on people’s lives, but by how much advertising revenue they can generate. This business model for press is not only unethical, but is squeezing out the few remaining popular mediums we have for creative expression and intellectual engagement. Without spaces for critical voices to be heard and for ruling class ideas to be challenged, our city will become less open, less democratic, and more oppressive.  

We hope this zine will be a change in course and a new beginning of media in the Triad that sees ordinary people as ends, not means, and doesn’t condescend to the downtrodden and struggling. 

We are an anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-sexist creative collective that believes popular education and culture are vital to a vibrant left and thriving community. Piedmont Left Review is our tool in building towards these ideals. We want to amplify the silenced voices in our city – the voices of the workers, the tenants, the marginalized. We want to shed light on the stories that are not covered in our mainstream local news media and provide a forum for the creativity of every-day people. We want to facilitate building collective power to tear down the bosses and the landlords, the developers and the politicians in the spirit of liberation. We want to uplift our friends and our neighbors, our siblings and our comrades.

We are not just another alt-weekly trying to appeal to the tastes of Irving Park or Buena Vista. We envision a publication that doesn’t just provide left perspectives to the comings and goings of the Triad, but plants the seeds of a true community resource. This is a space that builds up writers, artists, organizers, poets, and working people. Piedmont Left Review is curated for our community, by our community. This publication is not one that seeks merely to commodify its voices and stories; any money our magazine ever receives will be put back into the hands of our writers and contributors, not in the hands of editors. All decisions will be made democratically by our editorial collective. Building the future we want means building in the here and now. Our practice will reflect our principles in the way we run and grow Piedmont Left Review.

There is a future beyond capitalism, beyond white supremacy, beyond patriarchy. A future born out of solidarity and community. Our aim is to build that future here in the Triad, North Carolina, and the South.

Love & Solidarity // The Piedmont Left Review Editorial Collective


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