The editorial collective of the Piedmont Left Review stands firmly against American intervention in the Middle East. To mark the beginning of 2020, the United States military assassinated Iranian General Qasem Soleimani among other high ranking military officials, the most recent escalation between the U.S. and Iran. This development comes amidst a massive revolt in Iraq against austerity, foreign interests’ interference with elections, and religious, ethnic, and political sectarianism in the country.

America has been the greatest purveyor of violence in the Middle East for decades. Indeed, last week’s assassination is only one of many direct military interventions the U.S. has carried out; other examples include the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the never-ending war with Afghanistan. Other involvement has been more discrete, carried out through American-controlled proxies like Pakistan, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. American corporate interest’s interference in the region have resulted in millions of war and economic refugees, deaths, and chronically ineffective governance. 

In protest movements across Iraq, masses of people are clamoring to articulate a new future for their country. The cycle of mobilization is reaching from Algeria and Sudan to Lebanon and Iraq, posing a major threat to American hegemony in the region. To counter these mass demonstrations, the U.S. government is continuing to sow division, utilizing the narrative U.S. interests have been shaping for decades: Iran is a threat and American intervention is the only way to maintain order in the region. We know better.

We seek an end to American imperialism! End the sanctions! Withdraw all military personnel! No war with Iran!